username: niikcruu
password: ***********


♪ asian and a minor, any pronouns but i prefer she/they.

about me !

★ i play genshin (inactive at genshin) roblox, and osu! my favorite animes are sk8, k-on, another, ao haru ride, death note, evangelion, and banana fish.

likes !

★ music, fries, sweets, hugs, friends, anime, video games, crying, albedo, tartaglia, miya chinen.


♯ i cuss, i make kms jokes, i dont talk unless you talk to me first, use tone indicators to me if needed, no flirting unless we're close.


♯ basic criteria, have fonts on ur acc, homophobic, racist, etc. invalidates prns and sexuality. idk what else to put so uh bye LMAO